What is Vanilla Network?

Vanilla Network provides some mind-boggling dApps on casino games, that make it interesting, transparent, and passive money income solutions. The two decentralized Applications are:-

Blockchain Poker

The staking pools have been built for longstanding stakeholders who believe in the value proposition of Vanilla Network. The different options provided by the Vanilla Network are:

1. Vanilla Staking Pool:-

Mistakes past betting cryptocurrency projects have made include creating complicated procedures which mean these apps are rarely played due to their difficulty to use. This includes having to interact directly with the contract on Etherscan in order to facilitate a bet. Therefore, we’re taking an iterative approach.

For phase one…

What is Uniswap?

The vanilla Network is a deflationary ERC-20 token with decentralized finance at the heart of its ecosystem, driven by blockchain technology. The main aim of this project is to gain some award-winning staking and decentralized applications (dApps) that appeal to all betting enthusiasts and those seeking rewards for long-term participation.

How do Transactions happen in our DApps?

The Vanilla Network is a deflationary ERC-20 token-based decentralized platform created for betting enthusiasts. The primary motive of the platform is to develop easy-to-understand and simplified dApps that appeal to betting enthusiasts. The deal-cracker is the rewards offered to players for their long-term participation with the platform.

Voila! VNLA Token

The Vanilla staking pool is the major staking pool offered to our investors. This staking pool is designed to reward long-term stakers who take advantage of the burning mechanism baked into the underlying protocol. Therefore, all rewards are volume based.

So how are holders rewarded?

Question: I may have missed it but what dApp — can you please provide an update on what phase one means and what is next after H2H? Blackjack or poker?

Vanilla Network: Our aim at the moment is to launch the Head-to-Head betting dApp. We’ve been designing this dApp since…

An Overview: Vanilla Network ($VNLA)

Vanilla Network

Vanila network is a legacy project and creator of the deflationary staking and betting token - Vanilla with the ticker, VNLA.

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