Kindly note, we have listened to feedback from our various focus groups. A decision has been made to rename and redeploy our unlisted token as $VNLA.

In addition, this has allowed us to:

(1) Make improvements to our smart contracts, including gas optimisation and;

(2) Allow for a unique compounding feature in our vanilla staking pool.

(3) improve the marketability of the $VNLA token ticker on our official twitter address.

As a result, we have redeployed our token as $VNLA to take advantage of these opportunities which will allow for our platform to thrive.

Investors do not have to do anything, other than adding the new token address to their Metamask wallet:

New address: 0xb97faf860045483e0c7f08c56acb31333084a988

Kindly note that the old address: 0xe0e2ef42664a3e6783e734c1e625a3abf9b19939 is now obsolete and not longer in use.

Any questions, or help required please contact one of the team in the telegram community.

Team Vanilla 

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