Introducing: The inaugural staking pool & the benefits of being in the Vanilla Ecosystem

Before we get into the details….

As our community may, or may not be aware, there’s a high demand for the Vanilla Community. We would go as far as saying, it’s one of the most sought after communities in the DeFi space; given the previous successes attached to it. Including an incredible return on investment, an early sage partnership with Vulcan Verse which is now a blue-chip gaming studio and also being fundamental in the launch of the SinVerse.

Although at times under the radar, the ‘Vanilla’ brand is known amongst many project incubators, influencers and exchanges, and eyes tend to raise when the brand name is mentioned. As a result of this, we’re able to offer long term holders of the VNLA token holders special privileges and unique opportunities as a result of their association with the project.

Staking Pools, High APY Yields & Additional incentives

On Monday 14th March, the inaugural high reward staking pool will open called ‘Score’. This staking pool will require users to stake their tokens for 45 days, at the end of this 45 day period they will be able to claim their tokens and high yielding rewards. The APY is expected to be around 100%, driven by the advance tokemomics which support the Vanilla ecosystem.

It’s important to note these rewards are dynamic, so the sooner you stake the more you will earn. There will be a ‘maximum cap’ on this staking pool so it’s beneficial for users to get in as early as possible.

As described above, we will be going one step further than simply allowing our users to stake and receive staking rewards. There will be a further unique opportunity to VNLA token holders who stake a certain amount of tokens. More details coming on this soon!

“The more you stake, the more you earn and the more opportunities you shall receive!”

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Vanilla Bet

Vanila network is a legacy project and creator of the deflationary staking and betting token - Vanilla with the ticker, VNLA.