Score Staking Pool Details!

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2 min readMar 14, 2022


The inaugural staking pool opens at 9PM UTC, 14th March 2022.

Staking Site:

Reward pool: 12,500 VNLA

Duration: 45 day lock, 28th April 2022 for claims to open (you will not be able to unlock your tokens during this time).

APY: You can earn up to 100% APY*, based on the proportion of the pool you have staked in and the length of time.

*Staking rewards are dynamic based on amount of tokens pooled, and are time based!

Minimum / Maximum Stake: No limits!

Score whitelist opportunity: If you stake 250 VNLA you will be guaranteed a whitelist spot with the Scorefam IDO project.

Whitelist Allocation: This is to be determined. We will offer more to those who stake a hire amount however, anyone who stakes a minimum of 250 VNLA will be eligible for an allocation.

NB. Use Round numbers to stake.

NBB. Connect your wallet to the blockchain via metamask to view all updated information on the staking pool (or it will show Jan 1970 as the unix default time).


How to Stake

(1) Connect your wallet to the staking pool. Ensure you are connected to ‘Smart Chain’ and your wallet has VNLA tokens

(2) Ensure the correct wallet is connected (that has VNLA tokens), and it will show this balance on the staking pool.

Now, enter the amount you want to stake, and press the ‘Stake’ button.

N.B. You will also need a small amount of BNB in your wallet as ‘gas’ to ensure the transaction can be processed on the Blockchain.

(3) Metamask will trigger (please be patient). Then select ‘APPROVE’.

(4) After you have press confirmed, please wait for Metamask to ‘CONFIRM’ the transaction.

(5) Check the user interface, and everything should be complete! A very simple and smooth process.

Any problems at all, do not hesitate to ask for help on the telegram or discord chat channels!

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Vanila network is a legacy project and creator of the deflationary staking and betting token - Vanilla with the ticker, VNLA.