Strategic Partnership Announcement: Vanilla Bet Sign-up with the award winning Scorefam Sports Gaming project!

Vanilla Bet (Network) are always seeking out the strongest strategic partnerships, which is not limited to Matic Network, TDefi, Quill Hash and Vulcan Verse.

One of the clear weaknesses new projects suffer from are having to outsource development activities to third-party service providers which although allow for stronger focus on marketing; can cause inefficiencies in application delivery and ultimately; utility, which is the heartbeat of play-to-earn gaming projects.

Introducing Scorefam!

Scorefam benefits from the advantage of having all development performed in-house with limited use of having to rely on third-party service providers.

Scorefam recently won a Hackathon event in Dubai for their MVP. Scorefam is a play-to-earn and NFT based sports gaming platform powered by the Scorefam token. Users have the opportunity to earn by predicting and staking on sport events, engaging in the football fantasy league and trading NFT player cards.

Benefits of Partnership for the Vanilla Bet Platform

Vanilla Bet is currently working on finalising the Stage One Head-to-Head betting dApp. This is an innovate protocol where users can create any custom bet they want; as long as someone matches that bet then a winner or loser can be determined by administrators of the platform.

As Vanilla Bet moves onto phase two of the betting dApp, this will require complex algorithms requiring oracles to create known sporting fixtures. Users will be able to create their own betting house and deliver odds by providing token liquidity to the event. This is where Scorefam will step in, and will become technical development advisors for the Phase Two extension of the Vanilla betting protocol.

… And What Else?

As we mentioned in a previous article, there is a high demand for the Vanilla Network community, given the previous successes it’s been associated with. As Scorefam are going through their IDO, we are able to offer $VNLA token holders an opportunity to participate in their private sale and receive an allocation if they choose to do so.

In order to qualify for this allocation, users will have to ‘Stake’ in the ‘SCORE STAKING POOL’ which is to be released on Monday 14th March, at 9pm UTC. Details of the minimum required staking amount is to be released shortly.

We will also feature an AMA session with the Scorefam team in our telegram channel in the near future, alongside a demonstration of their soccer predication platform which will be going live soon after their IDO which is expected in early Q2 2022.

Visit Scorefam’s website to learn more!

Website | Twitter | Telegram



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