The Vanilla Network is Simplifying DEFI

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3 min readOct 19, 2020


There are a ton of people out there who are interested in embarking on a foray into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. However, it has become increasingly difficult for them to participate as a result of the fast evolving nature of blockchain technology and its frontrunner product - cryptocurrency. If current dynamics in the space continues, we may end up learning about new offerings every month in the coming years.

It is in the light of the above that on the night Vanilla was conceived, what the founders unanimously agreed was that the project will be simplified to the extent that a neophyte making his first entrance into the space will understand what Vanilla Network is all about and the many benefits the project boasts of. Access to the project, purchase of the token from ICO, listing and purchase from Uniswap and other exchanges as well as its use in our fun gaming dapps will also be simplified for early adoption.

The Vanilla Token is a deflationary token carefully forged for staking and betting. Although the cryptocurrency arena has seen a bunch of similar projects, Vanilla is different as the dapps will be designed to function similar to the conventional betting portals that currently exist out there.
We have no doubt that gaming/gambling enthusiasts will find this project appealing especially as it provides multiple opportunities for gamers to make money from different fronts – betting, staking, lottery, fixed investments etc. Which simply means that an investor or gamer can move round the cashflow quadrant doubling his/hers finances and holding the currency for increased rewards which will also mitigate against dumping. Soon you will have the privilege of playing with some of the fun games we are currently developing.

The year 2020 has seen a lot of gaming projects but this perfects the first time a DEFI project that is truly decentralised and built for strictly for enriching the community. The Vanilla Network not only provides a staking platform for cryptocurrency investors but went further to develop several gaming dapps. When gamers utilize the applications they are charged a fee. All fees charged from our gamers are ploughed back into the community pool and returned in the form of dividends and rewards. This strategy also increases the burn rate.

If all the above isn’t simplifying what DEFI should be, then no other project can make DEFI less complicated. The Vanilla Network has lived up to its name as its built for the community and that includes neophytes.

The Vanilla Network is a work in progress and the team will continue to lose sleep as they’ll ensure the project will be a rewarding one for all stakeholders. We welcome you to join us by using any of the channels listed below as we count down to our ICO commencing on the 25th October 2020.







Vanilla Bet

Vanila network is a legacy project and creator of the deflationary staking and betting token - Vanilla with the ticker, VNLA.