Vanilla Network: Token Swap Date

All, we’re proud to announce the token swap from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain will occur on Friday 4th March 2022 (evening UTC). There will be a fairly swift liquidity exchange and token airdrop performed on this date, so please do not attempt to trade your ETH-chain tokens before or on this date or you will not be eligible for the swap.

This will be One-to-One token swap, users will not have to do anything at all (if you’re staked in the Vanilla pool, please remain staked) your Binance Smart Chain $VNLA tokens will be airdropped to either your metamask wallet address or, if you hold tokens in WhiteBit exchange, into your hot wallet address.

The Binance Smart Chain Token contract is as follows:

To add Binance Smart Chain to your metamask wallet please follow the steps here:

We understand our community are hungry for updates & a short roadmap. We’ll be sharing some exciting developments over the next few days.

The team are extremely confident that decentralised betting is a huge untapped market which is likely to be the next big hitter in the play-to-earn space. And with such a strong hardcore community following, we are sure we can take Vanilla Network to the next level with a chain that has significantly lower trading fees.



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Vanilla Bet

Vanila network is a legacy project and creator of the deflationary staking and betting token - Vanilla with the ticker, VNLA.